5-in-1 Learning Remote – The Ultimate Couch Potato Remote

January 16, 2008 by Lisa 

5 in 1 Remote x10Here’s a gadget you can’t live without! How many remotes sit on your coffee table? Ah-ha! Just what I thought! It’s time for you to consolidate those remotes and get just one. With the 5-in-1 Learning Remote, you can control:

  • Lights
  • Appliances
  • Audio equipment
  • Video equipment

Besides being convenient and fun, the 5-in-1 Learning Remote is perfect for someone who is not able to be mobile due to physical restrictions.

And, this Learning Remote has a sensible layout of all the buttons. It’s easy to learn. The Remote works with your existing X10 system and transceiver to control up to five devices. You can control just about any light or appliance in your home, even if they are in another room. (If you don’t have an X10 system, all you need is the Transceiver Module and any lamp or appliance module or wall switch to get started!)

With too many remote controls in my living room, I decided to go for the Learning Remote to solve the problem. For starters, the remotes I have include the Palm Pad remote for lights and appliances, DVD, TV, and cable. Way too many! Sitting down to actually watch something also meant lining up the remotes for the individual devices.

The day the Learning Remote arrived, I couldn’t wait to set it up. The instructions are straight forward. I started with the lights. I already had my transceiver and lamp modules set up so I was able to easily set the this Remote for the same house code. And voila! it worked.

On to the next step which took a little more doing. I decided to conquer the cable box first. I went through each device. The setup was simpleI really like this new remote and plan to get another one for another room in the house.

I would recommend the 5-in-1 Learning Remote to anyone who has lots of things to control around the house. Oh, the 5-in-1 Learning Remote doesn’t control your kids – for that you are on your own. USA, LLC


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