Remotely Connect to Your Intelligent Oven – Fridge Combo

January 22, 2008 by Lisa 

Smart oven intelligent oven refrigerator combo
Calling home from your telephone or cell phone to get dinner started is commonplace; when someone is home to take the call and do the task.

How about calling your combination oven / refridgerator with your cell phone to get dinner started? Better yet, you can connect to MyOven over the Internet to adjust the oven temperature in seconds.

You can get all this and more from TMIO, the maker of this truly intelligent oven.  This intelligent oven features both a professional cooking system and advanced refrigeration system, all in the same unit. The unit sports a beautiful finish that looks good in any kitchen and your preference of dual or single refrigerated wall oven.

Consider this scenario: Before leaving for work in the morning, place your prepared food in the oven and use the cool-looking touch screen panel to turn on the refridgeration, keeping the food fresh all day.  An hour before leaving work for the day, dial up your Intelligent Oven and turn up the temperature –   a delicious, (hopefully healthy) hot meal will await when you get home. No more rushing to get something started the minutes you walk in the door! Instead, you can arrive home to the heavenly aroma of your cooked meal.

Head over to TMIO and find out even more about this time-saving smart appliance that incorporates NASA space technology. One of these will set you back a few thousand dollars, $5,896.00 to be exact, for the Intelligent Oven Single Refrigerated.

This is one practical smart appliance that gets a big thumbs up from Smart Home Gadgets!

What will you do with the new extra time in your life? USA, LLC


One Response to “Remotely Connect to Your Intelligent Oven – Fridge Combo”

  1. Brent on January 23rd, 2008 12:16 pm

    Talk about a great idea. I just remodeled my kitchen and wish I had seen this earlier. Remote cooking! What’s next?

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