Who Is In Your Driveway? Don’t Wonder, Get Dakota Alert Wireless Motion Detector

January 23, 2008 by Lisa 

Dakota alert
If you live in a home with a long, winding driveway, you can probably do without the surprise of a vehicle suddenly appearing in your driveway without warning. The Dakota Alerticon wireless driveway motion detector can alert you when a person or car enters your property – up to 3000 feet away.

Of course, if you live in southern California, you’ll probably never need such a slick, home security device because long winding driveways are mostly non-existent! In fact, you are lucky if you have a driveway at all. However, there are lots of ways you can use the Dakota Wireless Motion Detectoricon to stay a little safer while at home. For instance, you can choose a strategic location outside a second floor bedroom with a balcony to detect someone who may have climbed up there.

Back to the wireless motion detector!

We like the Dakota Alerticon wireless motion detector because it’s simple to install, no complications. And, it’s designed for outdoor use so no need to worry about bad weather rendering the wireless motion detector useless.

The Dakota Alerticon wireless motion detector mounts on a tree or post located near your driveway. You’ll have to mount it yourself with materials that are sold separately. Ladies, are you up for the task?

Place the receiver in your home up to 3000 feet away from the Dakota Alert wireless motion detector. A passive infrared (PIR) beam detects people or vehicles up to 80 feet away. A radio signal is then sent to the receiver in your home, and alerts you with one of four tones.

You can monitor up to four zones. You’ll need additional transmitters to do so. While you are at it, you can add in an extra receiver or two for different rooms in your home.

Since everything is wireless, there are no messy wires to contend with.

What’s your driveway motion detector of choice? Or do you live in southern California and yearn for a long, winding driveway? USA, LLC


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