Sensor Dispenser – Automation for the Germophobic

February 7, 2008 by Lisa 

Sensor Dispensor for germ preventionAre you a germophobic at heart? It’s risky touching soap dispensors that have been touched by “other’s” dirty hands. Who knows where they’ve been?

With the Sensor Dispensericon, you can put your germophobic worries to rest. This ultra-sanitary soap dispensor will dispense soap and you never have to touch the dispensor. Now you can rid your hands of those nasty germs and bacteria the safe way.

The built-in motion detector senses when your hands are in front of it and voila! The right amount of soap drops onto your hands and you can wash those germs away.

Put your favorite liquid soap in the dispenser and adjust the wheel at the back of the dispenser to determine how much soap is dispensed each time.

At this point, you probably have a question or two … like is the Sensor Dispensericon drip free? Yes it is! You will also need three AAA batteries to keep it running.

Afraid to touch the soap at the homes of family or friends? The Sensor Dispensericon makes a great gift too. USA, LLC


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