Rekey Your Own Lock with a Smartkey

February 21, 2008 by Lisa 

smartkey by kwiksetImagine if you could rekey your door locks as frequently as you want without the bother of a locksmith! Now take it further and also imagine having three levels of security for that lock. Smartkey, a brand new innovation from Kwikset can give you that and more.

Besides offering a Grade 1 Security Deadbolt, Smartkey offers you the ability to rekey your Smartkey locks anytime you want – as often as you like. No locksmith required (yeah!) How many times have you loaned out a house key that was never returned? How many times have one of your kids or yourself lost a key? Where are your house keys? You never know. Re-keying a lock provides an extra security measure for you and your family.

Kwikset came up with a new side locking bar technology that replaces your traditional pin and tumbler lock. Now, let’s review why Smartkey is so cool:

  • Prohibits lock bumping (lock bumping? what the heck is that? An attack on traditional door lock cylinders!)
  • Pick resistant (lock picking has gone on since the beginning of locks.)
  • Change your key as often as you like (locksmiths get expensive!)

If you are concerned about having the best looking deadbolt lock on the block, put your worries aside because Kwikset thought of everything. The Smartkey makes three fashionable statements in Deadbolts, Knobs, and Levers. Each comes in a variety of finishes.

kwikset smartkey designs

With Smartkey, you will find it very easy to rekey your own lock. Here goes:

  1. Insert current functioning key.
  2. Turn 1/4 clockwise.
  3. Insert learning tool.
  4. Remove existing key.
  5. Insert new key. Turn 1/4 counter clockwise and remove new key.

One key (no pun intended) thing to remember is that you must have the current functioning key in order to rekey the lock. If not, you’ll have to go through a lot of trouble to remove the lock from the door, and remove the cylinder from the lock.

Smartkey dead bolts, lever locks, and knob locks will set you back about $30 and handleset locks about $120. Additional keys cost about $1.70; rekey sets from KwikSet include six keys for about $10.

Don’t lose your house key.

Check out Smartkey and the entire Smart series at Kwikset. Or step right this way to view the cool Smartkey lock designs. USA, LLC


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