Clean the Indoor Air with Ionic Breeze Quadra

March 19, 2008 by Lisa · Leave a Comment 

Ionic Breeze QuadraThe air we breathe is so important to our health! Because you can’t always see them, you never really know what airborne allergens and irritants are floating around in your home’s indoor air. With Ionic Breeze Quadra, you can breathe a little easier.

My Dad recently complained to me about the high level of dust inside my parents home. Although he vacuums regularly and dusts, it didn’t seem to solve the problem.

Ionic Breeze Quadra to the rescue! I had used Ionic Breeze air purifiers for many years and suggested that my Dad get one too. So I purchased an Ionic Breeze and set it up in my parent’s living room. I showed Dad how to use it and that was it. He was really skeptical, especially since when the Ionic Breeze was ON, he could not hear a sound from it. Read more

Carry a Digital Keychain Frame with TAO 1.5-Inch

March 19, 2008 by Lisa · Leave a Comment 

Tao digital keychainI loved this digital frame when I saw it! The Tao 1.5 inch digital key chain is convenient to carry around and show off your favorite photos! This cool little gadget holds up to 31 photos and has 8MB of on-board memory. Read more

X10 Mini Controller

March 10, 2008 by Lisa · Leave a Comment 

X10 Mini ControllerThe X10 Mini Controller’s small footprint makes it a perfect fit for those small spaces like your bed nightstand. This compact X10 controller controls up to 8 different groups of X10 compatible receivers. Read more

Pet Loo Yard – Dog’s Indoor Toilet Solution

March 2, 2008 by Lisa · Leave a Comment 

Pet Loo YardHow many times have you been unable to get home in time to take Fluffy out to do his business and come home to a little accident in the house? It happens. When you have to go, you just do! With the Pet Loo Yard, you can train Fluffy to use his very own indoor yard and avoid these little accidents! Read more