Pet Loo Yard – Dog’s Indoor Toilet Solution

March 2, 2008 by Lisa · Leave a Comment 

Pet Loo YardHow many times have you been unable to get home in time to take Fluffy out to do his business and come home to a little accident in the house? It happens. When you have to go, you just do! With the Pet Loo Yard, you can train Fluffy to use his very own indoor yard and avoid these little accidents! Read more

Love Your Pet But Not the Smell? Go Ionic.

February 2, 2008 by Lisa · Leave a Comment 

Ionic Pet BrushLove your pet, but not the smell? Let me introduce you to the Ionic Bath Small Pet Brush! Since Blue was a kitten, she’s loved getting brushed with The Ionic Bath Pet Brush. She starts purring the moment she sees me with the ionic brush in-hand and continues purring throughout the brushing. Read more

Ultimate Pet Fountain for Your Pampered Pet

January 28, 2008 by Lisa · Leave a Comment 

Drinkwell Platinum Pet FountainSatisfy your cat’s need for running water with the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountainicon. With it’s continuously circulating water, your cat will get only the best filtered water, making even more appealing than the water you drink! Read more